Saturday, October 8, 2011

Made it to October

Wow, my first year in 1st grade has been completely crazy and great all at the same time.  I have cried a lot and laughed a lot, too.  The best part is all of the hugs that I get everyday. 

Favorite lesson: apple taste testing
My first lesson of the year being observed by my principal.  The lesson started out great, the kids were so excited to "taste math" that they were all ears.  First we made a KWL chart.  I had the students discuss in their groups what they already know about apples.  Some groups were more engaged than others, but I was impressed with their discussions.  We are learning how to interact in groups. 

Then for the tasting.  OH BOY!  The first bite and one of my students looses his tooth!!!! But, it didn't just come out nice and clean-it was a horrific, bloody event and I was soooooo grossed out.  Of course, my principal is watching the whole thing, so I had to play cool and handle this bloody mess and address the class.  I was mortified and then I just started laughing!  I looked over at my principal and she was laughing, too.  :)  The whole thing is just so 1st grade!

I got my little guy down to the nurse, he was happy to get a visit from the tooth fairy, and I was happy to continue with the lesson.  We finished the tasting, graphed our results, and analyzed our findings.  It was a great lesson and a hilarious one at that!   

These are how my days go; no matter how good, bad, or ugly-it's my life and I love it.