Saturday, May 18, 2013

Feeling Guilty

I'm feeling pretty bad that I haven't posted since April!  My world went from busy to chaotic...and that was AFTER I graduated with my Master's degree in education.  Yes, I am much smarter now than I was 22 months ago and in more debt.  :P  Seriously, I am really glad now that it's done that I completed it and I truly learned so much.  Now I am just wondering what to do next.  I know that sounds weird, but I am so used to be overwhelmed, I am actually feeling overwhelmed with not being overwhelmed!  I think I may be going crazy. 

My Year Wrap Up:
  • Master's Degree Completed
  • Girls on the Run Club completed and 5K ran
  • Talent Show Night done
  • mClass assessments (almost) done
  • Visit to Riley Children's Hospital North campus
  • Presentation to the High School Students
  • Birthday Parties
It's amazing to look back on the school year and see how much has really happened.  This "check list" is just from this spring!  Nutty, but I love it.  I included some pictures of the recent happenings.  :)
Me and my amazing sister! (My brother-in-law photo bombed us)

Hobart Girls on the Run Coaches (I'm in the middle of these great ladies)

My awesome boy with his new stuffed animal and some candy for being a great little patient.  He was diagnosed with HSP (autoimmune disease) last year. 
I will post some of the great things that my little Firsties are doing next time.  Just needed to have some "personal" time on my little blog.  :)