Sunday, June 15, 2014


I just completed my first year as a kindergarten teacher.  I thought 1st grade was testing my limits, but God knows better than I and kindergarten is my love.  The year brought many ups and some downs. Thankfully I embraced the "ignorance is bliss" attitude and survived the potty accidents, meetings, pd, teacher training, curriculum mapping, planning, data collecting, book ordering, tears (both from student and teacher LOL), field trips, special days (and let me tell you, EVERY day is a special day in kindergarten *sarcasm intended*), graduation, painting, reading, writing, new technology, and the list goes on!

All in all, the craziest year and best!  I was honored as the Outstanding Teacher of the Year with a dear friend a colleague across the hall in a tie. And while I'm beyond thankful, the best part of my move was now I'm in the same building as my best friend in the whole wide world and a new and very dear friend came into my life. (The beautiful gal concentrating behind my daughter.)This has been the best year yet and I'll be ready to do it all again after summer!  Teacher peeps, you know what I'm say'in!

My sister in Christ and BFF in the whole world!