Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Classroom Art and Daily Happenings

We All Belong classroom art.  Then I used watercolor paint to color in the rest of the art. It is up above the student mailboxes.

 Then I used their thumbprints to make the leaves.  Then I used watercolor to fill in the rest of the art with color.  This is showcased on top of our mailboxes. 

 These kiddos are using their one-inch voice.  They hold their hands like this to show one-inch.  It reminds them to speak softly and in a whisper-like voice.  It always cracks me up to see them turn and talk with their fingers like this...but to them it's what we do!  Love it.  ;)
Making predictions about our story.  It was pajama day for us!  Always a good day when we get to wear our pj's. 

This is one of my little ladies using my iPad (thank you School City of Hobart!) to form her letters correctly on my Handwriting Without Tears App.  I have the iPad under my document camera so all of the Firsties can watch.  Wow, talk about an engaged lesson!  They were all silent and eager to have their turn.  Love this program, check it out if you can! 

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