Thursday, June 27, 2013

Common Core Posters for Math

Wow!  Many teachers in my district just finished up an intense power collaboration session to help with all of the new expectations coming in the fall.  The biggest one that we are all concerned with is the evaluation process and collecting student data.  Displaying student growth and tracking is huge, too.  Our teachers developed some rubrics and data books.  It all got my brain and creative juices flowing and I came up with these posters for each Common Core Math Standard for 1st grade.  Click here or on the picture to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  :)   

I hope you like them and that you can find them useful in your classroom.  I'll be using this bad boys to shine up on my projector as we work through their data folders. 

Here is the freebie student data book that our team developed.  I got the go ahead to share this freebie.  :)

Click on the picture or here.  Don't forget to grab the cover!  Click here for the super fun cover.  :)

And now it is seriously time for some non-school related time.  :) 


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