Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have to Laugh...

I have to laugh because I naively thought that I would have time to write on my blog, but the start of this year has been insane!  I love my new position of being a Kindergarten teacher, but I am overwhelmed with learning the Journys reading curriculum, preparing for observations using the Marzano model, organizing my room and materials, and on and on and on.  I know that it is not anymore than the average teacher, but seriously, how do we do this?!?

So, here is what I have been up to with my new 29 little Kinders:

  • Apple field trip
  • Daily 5 Launch
  • Lucky lessons with Lucky the dog
  • Procedures, procedures, procedures
  • Phonics/word work
  • HeidiSongs
  • iPads
  • NWEA standardized testing
  • Apple day with parent volunteers
  • And I ran a HALF MARATHON!!!