Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Instead of cutting and laminating, I wound up on Pinterest tonight and was inspired to create a quick little freebie!  This is an activity sheet that I will be using in the first few days to see if the Kinders can distinguish their 'b' and 'd' letters.  :)  I used my school colors but I was thinking of which color words would be easier to view for a speedy assessment.   Enjoy!
Grab your Freebie here!

~Jill Cruz

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Data Notebooks: The Whole Story

Last year before I knew I was being moved to kindergarten I was working with my 1st grade team like crazy creating, innovating, fretting, worrying, over-achieving, and get the idea.  All of this nutty behavior was coming in on the heels of the new evaluation systems and the Common Core Standards.  Looooong story short, we developed a rubric to match all of the math standards for 1st grade.  We were feeling good! 

Then the call came and even looooonger story short, I was moved to Kindergarten 2 days before school. All of my Pinterest work and first grade curriculum development was for not, or at least, not for me.  But I was eager to tackle the new adventure in my life.  I shared with the K-teachers what the 1st grade teachers were up to and they were excited.   They said they wanted that, too, but with the Reading/Writing standards as well. 

So I started working on the Kindergarten version.  I tried a few different design templates, and we utilized what we had.  When the year was over, I reflected on this tool and I just knew I could make it better-more teacher friendly at the very least.  So this was the end product!  I am happy to say that it caught on like wild fire and the rest of the district wanted it, too.  This summer I created the k-5 Data Notebooks for my district and put them on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  While presenting at the administrative retreat, the middle school contracted me out to make theirs.  I am super excited, a bit overwhelmed, and just eager to do what God has put in front of me (all the while preparing for the new school year-oh, and I moved classrooms again..5 times in 6 years-but I'm not counting

This is a customized grade book for the New Indiana Academic Standards College and Career with a rubric to match each of the standards.  I have it sectioned out by quarters.  Enjoy and give me feedback.

If you want one or would like to view a preview of the Data Notebook, click here.